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Ranjini Venkatanathan, BHMS, DPPHC (India), CCH (USA), Dip. IACH (Greece) has been using Classical Homeopathy in treating conditions such as pediatric issues, asthma, allergies, depression, anxiety, skin problems, colitis, gastritis, joint pains, thyroid disorders,  menstrual issues and many more conditions.

Call us on +1-408-6348139 for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss if Homeopathy is right for you. Homeopathy is used to treat a wide variety of ailments and is natural, safe and effective. Please go through the FAQ to know more about Classical Homeopathic treatment.


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Hemorrhoids, commonly known as ‘piles’ are veins in the rectum and anus that get swollen and inflamed, usually as a result of constipation. It is a very common complaint which most adults experience at some point in their life. Symptoms include pain, bleeding during bowel movements, itching around the anus, difficulty sitting and sometimes a… Read More

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The human body is a host to trillions of micro-organism’s which play an important role in health and disease. Our gut microbiota consists of a variety of these microorganisms that live in our digestive tract and they share a symbiotic relationship with us. They help in synthesizing vitamins B and K in our bodies, help… Read More

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Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disorder affecting the memory and cognitive functions. It is a disease which progressively gets worse and starts to affect day to day functioning. Initially the symptoms of memory loss may be mild but as the disease progresses it may become so severe that the patient is unable to even recognize their… Read More

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