Homeopathy is the leading alternative system of medicine in the world. It was first propounded by a German Doctor Dr.Hahnemann in the eighteenth century and has a substantial following in Europe and Asia. In Europe, Homeopathy is a standard part of most countries’ health-care systems. The British royal family are among the well known patrons of Homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies are time-tested and FDA approved. Working on the principle of “Like cures like“, Homeopathy treats the individual, not the disease. It promotes the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself. Homeopathic treatment is effective, inexpensive,  safe and non-invasive – there are no side-effects and no bad tasting pills.

Typical conditions that benefit from Homeopathy

  • Acute conditions like Influenza (flu), Fevers, Tonsilitis, Diarrhoea/Dysentry, Acute Sinusitis, Acute headaches etc.
  • First aid management like injuries, assists in the healing of fractures, tendon and ligament tears, muscle sprains/strains etc.
  • Respiratory and cardiac complaints- Seasonal allergies, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Asthma etc.
  • Skin disorders- Hives, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne etc.
  • GI complaints- Peptic Ulcers, Indigestion, Acidity, Bloating, Constipation, Reduced appetite, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s etc.
  • Renal/Urinary complaints- Frequent urination, Incontinence, UTI’s etc.
  • Reproductive system disorders- Polycystic ovaries, Fibroids, Pre-menstrual syndrome, Irregular menses, Menopause issues etc.
  • Mental and psychological problems- Like Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Children’s developmental problems etc can be assisted with Homeopathy.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Arthritic pains, Migraines.
  • A wide array of auto immune and hormonal disorders like Obesity, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, SLE, RA etc can also be helped with Homeopathy,along with conventional treatment.

The above are just a few examples of conditions that can be treated with Homeopathy. The therapy can be applied in many more illnesses as well.

It can be used in all age groups starting from the Paediatric to the Geriatric population. Homeopathy is safe during pregnancy too.
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Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy

What to expect from the treatment?

Homeopathy works by strengthening the immune system. The remedies are made using substances from the animal, mineral and plant world. When the symptoms produced by the Homeopathic remedy matches that of the client, it stimulates the defense mechanism to produce healing. This is a well known principle in this science; Similia Similibus curantur or Like cures like.

In simple cases, a person may feel significantly better after the first few treatments while some deep-acting remedies (often in chronic cases) must work over a longer period to restore health. The homeopathic remedy may need to be repeated or changed as you progress. Multiple visits or extended treatment may be necessary, duration of which varies from case to case.

What happens in the first visit/consultation?

In the first consultation, I examine all the factors which affect the health and well-being of the person, the whole mental, emotional, and physical make-up, that is the constitution of the individual. The initial consultation for adults and most older children may last from 1.5-2 hours,  subsequent appointments scheduled of approximately 30 minutes to an hour. For younger children the first visit is usually shorter. Consultations are offered in English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Conversational Español. You may leave the initial consultation with a prescribed remedy or I may spend additional time to analyze your case wherein I would call you within a day or two with a remedy.
In the initial Homeopathic case-taking interview,  you have the opportunity to discuss absolutely all concerns related to your health. The client’s right to privacy shall be honored and the confidentiality maintained.
As the success of the Homeopathic treatment depends on how well the client  is understood by the practitioner, I shall spend time during each visit getting to know you well. The homeopathic remedy I prescribe is customized for each individual. I encourage you to be as specific as possible when answering my questions during the consultation as this greatly increases the effectiveness of the remedy to be prescribed. It is advisable to get a medical diagnosis and prognosis for your condition from your Physician.

What happens during a follow up visit?

Follow up appointments are scheduled about 5-6 weeks apart in the beginning of your treatment (for chronic cases), and the frequency reduces  as your progress becomes more stable. In all the follow up sessions I evaluate if the previously prescribed remedy is helping you, or if there is a need for a change to a different remedy.

Once we identify that you are responding well to a remedy, we just allow it to continue its good work and  bring an improvement in your condition.  The improvement is slow and gradual. You may notice some changes in your symptoms, energy levels, dreams, emotional state etc.  Please make a note of all the changes you are observing, to discuss with me during our subsequent follow ups.

Are there any changes I need to make in my diet?

It is essential to have a nutritious wholesome diet with natural ingredients to promote recovery of the body. Make sure that you get adequate sleep, at least 8 hours  each day. Also regular exercise is important to keep the circulation and oxygen supply to the body cells in good form. Avoid exposure (either by ingestion,  or external application) to the following for maximum efficiency of the remedy-

  • Coffee and camphor
  • Concentrated tea tree oil
  • Mothballs
  • The other well known antidoting factors will be explained to you during your consultation visit.

How to obtain Homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are time-tested and FDA approved. Once the most suitable remedy for your case has been decided on, we shall order it from the pharmacy and the  remedy will be delivered to your address within 3-4 days . The pharmacy charges you a small fee for it.  I will be mostly using LM potencies in my practice. The remedy will usually be in a solution form and I shall provide you the necessary instructions on how to use it, during the consultation.

How are Homeopathic medicines prepared?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared scientifically by a unique process which involves ‘dilutions’ and ‘succussions'(shaking). There are different scales used to prepare them like the ‘X’ scale (1:10), ‘C’ scale (1:100) and LM scale (1:50,000). The C scale is commonly used by most Homeopaths. The  more the medicine has been diluted in water and succussed, the more potent it becomes.  This effect is known as ‘water memory’, the capacity of the water to retain the memory of substances dissolved in it, even after many dilutions. (Plain dilution or shaking alone does not produce this effect).

Do Homeopathic remedies have side effects?

Homeopathic remedies do not have any side effects. If the remedy given is not ‘similar enough’ to the case it has little or no effect on the individual. They work by stimulating the body’s own defenses to fight against the disease force. Hence the changes that take place in the body are gentle.

Can Homeopathy be combined with other forms of treatment or therapies?

Our remedies can effectively complement conventional medicines. In fact, person’s taking conventional drugs for chronic conditions may find that their dosage requirement over a period of time may decrease. Never stop your prescription medicines without consulting with your doctor.

What should I do if I develop an acute symptom?

Some times you will notice old symptoms which you had many years ago resurfacing during the course of our treatment. This is considered a good sign in Homeopathy. Inform me of any changes you notice during the treatment, including acute complaints and I can advice you accordingly.