Sadness or depression is a normal emotion that affects us all, usually occurring in response to a negative event, like the loss of a loved one, unemployment or some disappointments which occur in day to day life. Normal depression is usually short lived and tends to resolve when circumstances improve. In order for the depression to be considered a symptom it should last for weeks or months and should be persistent enough to affect function in daily life. There is usually a decreased interest in activities previously enjoyed, like socialization with friends and family or hobbies. Depression is accompanied mostly by low self esteem, self blame and guilt. Some people have suicidal thoughts and in severe cases they may even act on it! There can be auditory hallucinations, or voices speaking to the patient, reinforcing their negativity and self blame. People with a previous history of major depression are at higher risk of subsequent episodes.

Depression can occur in some women following childbirth, known as postnatal depression. Symptoms of depression can also occur during winter or fall in places with long or harsh winters as a part of Seasonal affective disorder. Depressive symptoms can be a part of many physical or psychiatric disorders like thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, bipolar disorder etc.

Classical Homeopathic treatment is useful in treating a condition like depression, as we go to the root cause of the problem. During the consultation session I try to understand what is the reason for the development of your symptoms, how do you feel, how does it affect your daily life and your relationships. Each individual is unique and what might be the cause of depression for one person may not matter much to the other. Eg. Is the depression a result of being insulted, or is it because of a loss of a parent, is it due to a breakup with your partner? The causes of depression can be many, the remedy selected for you varies based on the cause, your individuality. As the treatment progresses you should gradually start to notice a positive change in your moods, sleep, and an improved productivity as your ability to function improves. I can work along with your GP or psychiatrist in helping you deal with the issue. Homeopathic remedies are safe, natural and have no side effects.

*Results may vary for each case. The information provided above is to promote understanding and education of Homeopathy. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. Always inform your physician if you are taking Homeopathic treatment.