Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder that causes long standing fatigue lasting for more than 6 months. The fatigue is such that it significantly reduces productivity and affects the ability to function efficiently on a day to day basis. The tiredness tends to worsen with exertion, is not relieved by rest and the patient may also have frequent low grade fever, muscle pains, recurrent sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes, headaches and unrefreshing sleep.

The Merck Medical Manual classifies chronic fatigue syndrome under the category ‘syndromes of uncertain origin’. The exact cause is unknown. Chronic viral infections have been proposed as a cause as in some cases the symptoms come on after a flu or mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr virus).  Even psychological factors, crucial life events which are perceived as stressful may precipitate this illness. Women are more often affected than men. Studies have shown people related to patients suffering with CFS have a higher risk of developing the syndrome, suggesting that it may include genetic factors too.

Diagnosis is based on ruling out other conditions which cause fatigue like depression, anxiety, Lyme’s disease, hypothyroidism etc. There are no diagnostic tests and there is no cure for CFS in conventional medicine. This is where Homeopathy comes into play, as it is mostly very effective in treating such conditions. Treatment is aimed at improving the symptoms mainly by stimulating the body’s own vitality to heal itself. Classical Homeopathic treatment is tailored specifically to the individual patient’s need, and the patient should be prepared to try more than one Homeopathic remedy if there is no result with the first few, as Chronic fatigue is a challenging condition to treat. Patience on your part can often be rewarding, as once we are able to find an appropriate remedy the results can be very satisfying to the suffering individual.

During the initial consultation I would require to go through the case history in detail, trying to understand what could have been the possible triggers for the chronic fatigue (which varies with each individual), what is the unique way of suffering of each patient, and then make a prescription based on my understanding of the person as a whole. Homeopathy is an alternative holistic medical science whose principles are based on natural healing laws, and it is absolutely safe with no side effects.

*Results may vary for each case. The information provided above is to promote understanding and education of Homeopathy only. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. Always inform your physician if you are taking Homeopathic treatment.