The flu epidemic- How to flee the flu this season*

We all associate the winter and holiday season with also the flu or influenza season. It’s a yearly occurrence in most households and mostly people get over it after a week or two of intense suffering. This year though in 2018, the flu has been particularly deadly with hospitalization rates being the highest it has been in a decade. Each year the flu virus undergoes changes or mutations which makes it hard to predict which particular strain is going to do the rounds for that year. The flu vaccines are made from inactivated or killed flu viruses. The efficacy of the flu vaccine varies each year depending on if there is a close match between that year’s vaccine and the strain of the virus which is causing the flu that season. This year’s deadly flu epidemic has shown the H3N2 influenza strain as the main culprit, and the flu vaccine being only about 10% effective (that is 90% ineffective) against it!!!

girl sneezing

Even though flu affects all age groups, it tends to be particularly deadly in the extremes of life- that is in young children and in the elderly, moments in life when the immune system is generally weaker and more vulnerable. Influenza can lead to serious complications like pneumonia, multiple organ failure or sepsis, which can all be life threatening if immediate medical care is not given. Classical Homeopathy works by improving the immunity of the individual so that the resistance against deadly pathogens increases and the body is effectively able to ward them off or at least prevent serious complications and reduce the intensity of the illness. It is well known among patients undergoing Constitutional Homeopathic treatment that they have better resistance against the flu or other infectious illnesses than other family members and friends who are not on Homeopathic care.

A few tips that we can follow to ensure that we have a healthy flu season:

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water at least for 30 seconds. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers while travelling.

Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing to prevent the spread of germs.

Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes as contaminated fingers can result in the germs entering your body through these orifices.

Avoid close contact and sharing food with a sick person.

Make sure to get adequate amounts of sleep and rest everyday. Sleep is a potent magic pill to ward off influenza as it helps to restore the immune functions.

Drink adequate water and eat nutritious, healthy meals.

After following all the above preventive measures if you still come down with flu like symptoms like fever, body aches, throat pains, coughs, runny nose- it’s worth giving a try to Oscillococcinum, a Homeopathic preparation made by the French Homeopathic company, Boiron. You should be able to find this in your local pharmacy. Follow the dosage instructions given by the manufacturer. For the best results, start using it at the onset of the flu- it helps by decreasing the intensity and the severity of the flu and helps in quicker recovery from a flu episode. And also remember to stay away from work or school till you completely recover and are not contagious anymore.



For individuals who are not responding positively to the Oscillococcinum and continue to suffer from influenza and its complications, it is best to get in touch with your Homeopath for a more detailed evaluation. We can customize a remedy based on the nature of your symptoms and prescribe one which is best suited to you. Influenza can be effectively treated with Homeopathy.

*Results may vary from case to case. Keep your physician informed when you are taking Homeopathic treatment.